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My Hips Don’t Lie Either . . . Bummer

Shakira and I have a lot in common (I know, you were just thinking the same thing, right?) My hips don’t lie either. And that’s a problem around this time of year.

Strange things start to happen in my kitchen in late Fall. Daylight savings ends and my oven flames on of its own accord and sings irresistible songs about cinnamon and cloves and butternut squash. I have no defenses. Must bake. Or make soup. Sadly the baking gene surfaced in each of my children as well. Heather made killer Soft Molasses Cookies (click on the photo for the recipe, you’ll cry they’re so good) and pumpkin bread (my sister-in-law Jen’s recipe is also on the page–best ever) this week. Have mercy.

Every Fall I wish my hips could lie. If only that zucchini muffin didn’t go straight to my lower regions and settle in for the winter I would have no problem. Why can’t my hips find some cunning way to hide the apple crisp and the Belgian waffles and the hot biscuits with pear butter? Is full disclosure kind or necessary?

I suppose I should be grateful to my hips for their brutal, tell-all honesty. When it reaches the point that I have to hold my breath in order to zip my jeans I turn away from the KitchenAid and head out the door for a run (I use the word “run” in its absolutely loosest sense.) Yep, I show those hips who’s boss. They regret their tattle-telling now, I’ll wager.

Ouch. My hips don’t lie, but they do whine a little after our run. They speak the truth as I hobble stiffly up the stairs: “You’re getting old . . .”  Thanks for the reminder. A couple of Advil will shut them up. With a pumpkin bread chaser.

What’s your favorite Fall recipe? Share it in a comment or just leave a link. I’ll add it to the recipes page.  I will also make it and eat it and let my hips say whatever they want. 


>Fall Colors


I’m sitting in New Hampshire today, gazing out the window at a blazing orange and red maple tree in my sister’s backyard. I can’t take my eyes off it. Folks from the West coast buy plane tickets and rent cars to drive through these parts and look at the foliage. Spectacular.
On Prince Edward Island this week, Fall colors meant incredible violet and orange sunsets over the Gulf of St. Lawrence and scarlet lobsters hot on our supper plates. 
Truth be told, even though a continent stretches between me and home, other Fall colors are rioting in me. Orange and Black, baby. No, not Halloween–I can take or leave that. I’m talking Giants baseball. Say it, fans. Out loud. Giants baseball. It’s been seven years since we could utter those words in October with a smile. A game at AT&T park isn’t just about the garlic fries anymore. Our boys are playing ball. That’s why Friday night found me in North Rustico, PEI hunched over my laptop, trying to get live stream coverage of SF and SD duking it out. The game didn’t even start until 11:15 Atlantic time. I won’t confess how late I stayed up. Everywhere we went that had Wi-Fi, I checked before I checked my email. Madness, right? Can’t help it. I was born and raised near the city by the Bay and on those rare years when Fall colors mean orange and black, I don’t want to miss a thing.