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A Christmas Story Or Two . . . Or Six

You gotta love technology. I read “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” to my grandkids a couple of days ago. They live 700 miles away. That makes it hard to hold them on my lap for a story–so I hold them on my laptop instead. Video chat takes a little of the distance out of long-distance Nana-hood.

My deal with Lydia and Emerson this December has been to read them a Christmas book every day on the computer. Mmmmmm. It makes me happy to share two of my favorite things with them–books and Christmas. I never tire of The Polar Express or Santa Calls, The Christmas Orange, and The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey. 

As I have leafed through my big basket of holiday tales this year, a realization has dawned. The Christmas stories that  touch me the most do not have pages or illustrations. They live in my memory. So I have determined to put words on a few Christmas recollections. Hopefully I will find something sweet and  real in that hazy no-man’s-land between memories and the meaning we assign to them. Maybe the exercise will remind me of other true things that I almost remember–of a new star and a newborn babe and new hope.

My goal for the remaining week of advent is to record a Christmas memory each day, from my childhood or from my own children’s growing-up years. Think I can do it? We’ll see. I’ll post the first one today, I hope. We’ll see what happens from there.  In the meantime, chime in with a comment. Tell me about your favorite Christmas book.  Or share a Christmas memory/tradition that means something to you.


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I’m Jerie. I love life in general and in the specifics. Every day something unexpected–the extraordinary ordinary– astonishes me. Or takes my breath. Or breaks my heart. Or makes me laugh. Or all of the above. And sometimes I write about it.

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  1. My favorite Christmas memories always revolve around our family nativity. We acted it out every Christmas Eve. We’d take turns as pairs being Mary and Joseph (one year it was Kevin and I then next year Michelle and Dan, and so on) and then we’d all pick the rest of the parts. Mom always narrated out of Luke 2 and Dad always videotaped. We’ve done those first 10 or so verses from Luke 2 so many times that I still have the whole thing memorized. We do it now with our boys. This will be the first Christmas since I’ve had children that I won’t have an infant to play the baby Jesus. This year, Jonathan wants to be Joseph and I will be Mary since I’m the only girl. 😉 We’ve practiced it a few times and the boys are very excited. I love this tradition. If the only scriptures my children ever memorize are those few from Luke, I know they will understand the true meaning of Christmas and will know of our Savior. Already, Jonathan (4 – his birthday is only a few weeks on either side of Emerson) repeats to me at least once a day “Mommy, Christmas isn’t really about Santa. Christmas is really about Jesus. Santa is just a nice thing to pretend.” Makes my heart swell with pride and just a tinge of sadness that he is growing up so fast.

  2. Favorite Christmas book: The Sweet Smell of Christmas. It’s a scratch n sniff book! It was my favorite as a kid and went out of print for a while, but Golden Books recently brought it back and my mom gave me my very own copy for Christmas a couple of years ago. Now my girls adore it.


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